Design and production of veterinary vaccines and feed proteins

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Using plants for example seeds, grains and leaves as ‘bioreactors’ to produce proteins of interest has significant potential. The technology where either field grown, glasshouse grown or post harvest biomass is utilised as the host production system offers a number of benefits.


Vaccines produced in plants are free of toxins and pathogens associated with traditional vaccines. More over when the vaccines are produced in plant background that can then be incorporated into a feed formulation, it offers ease of vaccination via oral presentation and at the same tiem induce a mucal immune response which is the first barrier against invading pathogens.

Plant based Production

The company have developed a process the enhances the utility and value of clover. By producing  sub unit proteins that function as veterinary vaccines in a clover background enhances the utility.


Furthermore fractionation of leaf biomass offers the opportunities to produce feed proteins that is a viable alternative to soybean thereby reducing current dependence within the compound feed sector.


The company proposes to couple the protein production with an integrated biorefining schema to maximise value of clover and encourage the uptake within a sustainable agronomic practise.

Plant based Production with Integrated Biorefining